Interviewing Tips – All the Conference Room Is a Stage

If You Have Gotten the Interview Then Follow These Tips To Nail It and get the Job!

Few things terrify many job hunters more than the interview. Follow a few simple interviewing tips and you can use this to stand out and close the deal.


Before you even have your phone screen you need to have research the role, the hiring manager (if you know who it is) and the company carefully. Read the news and company website. If they have an annual report, then there may be useful information about their priorities, risks and challenges. A lot of strategy is published in annual reports. Have well thought out answers prepared for likely questions. Focus your questions on how the company successes and what they need the new hire to be able to do. Ask how the role is changing and what has made previous workers successful in the role. Don’t focus on what’s in it for you. You can ask the recruiter about benefits later. Get them to love you first.

Interviewing Does Not Have to be Scary
Does Not Have to be Scary. Interviewing Tips to be prepared and to do your best


I have a lot more detail in my USA Herald article on interviewing so please visit there and leave me some comments! Make sure you look your best, are rested and leave yourself plenty of time to get there, catch your breath and prepare mentally to give your best performance. Remember to relax – these are people too with families and fears and their own goals. Yes, you are on stage and display but this group just wants to get to know you. Make sure they see your best.

Interviewing Tips: Manners Matter

Some old-school stuff still holds true. Be friendly, polite and articulate. Be nice to everyone including people in the elevators, bathrooms and (especially) personal assistants and reception. Follow up and think them for their time and consideration. Ask for feedback and make sure your follow up addresses any unanswered questions. Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more interviewing tips.

If you are enjoying my posts and want to read more advice from a recruiter to job seekers them please read my article series on USA Herald.

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