Job Seeker Announcement Picked Up Over 50 Times

Andrew Reiffenberger Recruiter and Writer

Coverage of My Job Hunters Tips Picked Up By Over 50 Sites

Andy Reiffenberger, Recruiter and blogger
Andrew Reiffenberger and wife

I recently contributed a USA Herald article series on job hunter tips. I spend my days helping connect people with jobs and it is a fun job. Work means so much to people and their families so it is great to be a part of that. I spend a lot of time giving out guidance to individuals so I wanted to try to reach more people at one time so the articles and this site are meant to do that.  If I can help people to do their best in an interview, then everyone gains. The candidate gets their best shot and the employer gets to see what people are really like. I like writing and sharing ideas that will help people land their dream jobs.

The articles went along with an announcement about them and over 50 sites have picked up the announcement. It is amazing to look at the list. If includes dozens of sites in the US and many in other countries.

The People Behind the Resume

It is a good reminder that work, the satisfaction we get from it and the value it has to us and our families is a universal thing. Whether you are in Minneapolis or Berlin. So remember back to a time you were job hunting and the things you learned and gained from that. If you ever had a stressful situation, like being suddenly unemployed or changing careers, remember how you felt. It is good to remember that job seeker are people, just like this, and many are excited but many others are stressed or scared. Take the time to help someone who is looking for work. Introduce them to someone. Give them some help or a shoulder to lead on. The average professional will have multiple careers and quite a few jobs in their career. So we all have to go through these transitions.


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