Consider A Startup For Your Career Change

Thousands of Startups Are Looking for Seasoned Execs

A career change is the perfect time to try new things. If you have been with a big company for a long time and are having trouble finding (or figuring out) what to do next then consider a startup.

I am on AngelList because you can see hundreds of open positions. You may not make the money you like but you can get stock, the satisfaction of building something yourself and maybe, just maybe you will help create the next Facebook or AirBNB


Best of Luck

Andy Reiffenberger

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My USA Herald Column For Job Hunting

Free Articles on Resumes, Interviewing and Career Transitions

If you are not job hunting today you will be soon. As a recruiter I get access to a lot of what works and what doesn’t work. Today’s candidates need every advantage to get through the noise.

I published my own column on the topics to help out.  Click here to view my articles for  USA Herald. 

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Go Vikes! – NFC North On The Line

Big, Big Weekend Up

I have already seen a lot of surprises and I am really looking forward to the next two weeks. Vikings and Packers at 4-2 each and the Lions at 3-3. Of course I will watch the Vikings play the Ravens on Sunday. Also looking keeping my on the Panthers/Bears and Packers/Saints.

Falcons/Patriots should be interesting Sunday night and the Eagles are playing really well so the Monday night game against the redskins should be good.

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