Fired? Laid off? An All New Career Requires An All New Job Strategy

Career Transitions Can Be Stressful But Immensely Transformative – if done right!

Fired, laid off, fed up or free? That is the question to ask yourself when you suddenly find yourself in a major career transition. I wrote this article on USA Herald and got a lot of very positive feedback on it. Read it and see if it can help you. Please consider liking and sharing it as well.

Career Advice on the Andrew Reiffenberger Job Column
Career Advice on the Andrew Reiffenberger Job Column 


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Reach Top Talent BEFORE They Start Job Hunting

How The Pros Reach the Top Talent Before They Start Looking

For many businesses, the key to successful recruiting is finding the top talent before someone else snaps them up. Recruiters are no longer like sharks, silently navigating through firms and stealing top recruits. Now, recruiters help employers find candidates through networking and relationship building as top talent not only wants good jobs, but to feel comfortable at work. Instead of trying to steal candidates, there are better ways to get the top talent before another firm does.

5 Tips to Success

Andrew Reiffenberger's Tips For Reaching Passive Job talent Before They Hit the Market
Andrew Reiffenberger’s Tips For Reaching Passive Job talent Before They Hit the Market

Network: Instead of going in for the kill like a shark, it is better to fit in with the school of fish. By networking, you build relationships, which is what today’s top talent is look for in a workplace. Talented employees know they will be paid for their efforts, but they want to build friendships and feel like they are appreciated. Networking can help you find talent and help the talent find you.


Build credibility: As a recruiter, it is important that you represent the firm truthfully. If a talented employee finds out that you did not, you and the firm will lose credibility. This will impact the types of candidates you will have access to in the future.


Ask for referrals and offer referrals: This is where relationship-building helps you and the recruits. I have found plenty of top candidates by asking employees, friends, and even competitors. People feel appreciated when help is asked of them. Not only have I asked for referrals, but I have sent candidates elsewhere because I know that other firms will be better fits.


Know what to talk about: This is part of building credibility. You should know about your firm’s projects, accounts, and technologies. Top talent will expect this of you. When you can talk about what your firm does, you can then ask questions of the recruits and listen closely to their answers. This builds relationships and lets you both see if you will be a good fit for each other.


Don’t push: Because choosing a job is a big decisions, many candidates need time to think. If you push too hard, the candidate could become overwhelmed and go elsewhere. Pay attention to body language so you do not become overly aggressive in your desire to hire.

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Job Seeker Announcement Picked Up Over 50 Times

Andrew Reiffenberger Recruiter and Writer

Coverage of My Job Hunters Tips Picked Up By Over 50 Sites

Andy Reiffenberger, Recruiter and blogger
Andrew Reiffenberger and wife

I recently contributed a USA Herald article series on job hunter tips. I spend my days helping connect people with jobs and it is a fun job. Work means so much to people and their families so it is great to be a part of that. I spend a lot of time giving out guidance to individuals so I wanted to try to reach more people at one time so the articles and this site are meant to do that.  If I can help people to do their best in an interview, then everyone gains. The candidate gets their best shot and the employer gets to see what people are really like. I like writing and sharing ideas that will help people land their dream jobs.

The articles went along with an announcement about them and over 50 sites have picked up the announcement. It is amazing to look at the list. If includes dozens of sites in the US and many in other countries.

The People Behind the Resume

It is a good reminder that work, the satisfaction we get from it and the value it has to us and our families is a universal thing. Whether you are in Minneapolis or Berlin. So remember back to a time you were job hunting and the things you learned and gained from that. If you ever had a stressful situation, like being suddenly unemployed or changing careers, remember how you felt. It is good to remember that job seeker are people, just like this, and many are excited but many others are stressed or scared. Take the time to help someone who is looking for work. Introduce them to someone. Give them some help or a shoulder to lead on. The average professional will have multiple careers and quite a few jobs in their career. So we all have to go through these transitions.


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Interviewing Tips – All the Conference Room Is a Stage

If You Have Gotten the Interview Then Follow These Tips To Nail It and get the Job!

Few things terrify many job hunters more than the interview. Follow a few simple interviewing tips and you can use this to stand out and close the deal.


Before you even have your phone screen you need to have research the role, the hiring manager (if you know who it is) and the company carefully. Read the news and company website. If they have an annual report, then there may be useful information about their priorities, risks and challenges. A lot of strategy is published in annual reports. Have well thought out answers prepared for likely questions. Focus your questions on how the company successes and what they need the new hire to be able to do. Ask how the role is changing and what has made previous workers successful in the role. Don’t focus on what’s in it for you. You can ask the recruiter about benefits later. Get them to love you first.

Interviewing Does Not Have to be Scary
Does Not Have to be Scary. Interviewing Tips to be prepared and to do your best


I have a lot more detail in my USA Herald article on interviewing so please visit there and leave me some comments! Make sure you look your best, are rested and leave yourself plenty of time to get there, catch your breath and prepare mentally to give your best performance. Remember to relax – these are people too with families and fears and their own goals. Yes, you are on stage and display but this group just wants to get to know you. Make sure they see your best.

Interviewing Tips: Manners Matter

Some old-school stuff still holds true. Be friendly, polite and articulate. Be nice to everyone including people in the elevators, bathrooms and (especially) personal assistants and reception. Follow up and think them for their time and consideration. Ask for feedback and make sure your follow up addresses any unanswered questions. Feel free to send me a message if you want to know more interviewing tips.

If you are enjoying my posts and want to read more advice from a recruiter to job seekers them please read my article series on USA Herald.

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Andrew Reiffenberger resume tips

Resume and Social Media Tips for job Hunters

Written by Andrew Reiffenberger.

Work, is more than how we make our living, it is how we provide for our families and our future. So getting the best opportunities possible is a critical part of leading a happy, prosperous life. That is why I love recruiting so much. At its best, it allows me to help people find the very best match for their interests and talents.

I recently was asked to contribute a series of articles on critical topics for job hunters. Few people will stay at the same job or even the same industry their entire professional career. So, job hunting isn’t something you do when you need to, it is a critical life skill you should learn and hone your whole life.

Andrew Reiffenberger job hunting tips
Andrew Reiffenberger job hunting tips


Tricky thing to know

With such a big and important topic, the tricky thing is to know where to start. I wanted to make sure my writing focused on practical, actionable advice so I stuck to three topics I consider critical for success as a candidate. The topics were navigating career changes, interviewing and resume writing.

As mentioned in the articles, I think it is important to think about every aspect as competing for the attention of the resume screener, interviewers and hiring manager. You want to know who you are targeting (think of them as an audience, I think that helps). And make their jobs easy. They are busy and the marketplace is crowded. So, make sure you “ready” and “aim” before you “fire”.

In my article on resume writing I shared a lot of tips and tricks. Before you start writing your resume make sure your work networks and social profiles represent exactly who you want them to be. You need to be delicate if you are going to start this process when you are employed so use good judgement. Think about keywords and customize your resume for the role and the company. Use their language where possible and make sure your resume doesn’t just say what you did but speaks to what you accomplished. Most recruiting departments (and recruiters) are using resume databases to screen for keywords. Make sure you have relevant keywords in your resume for your level of experience and intended job.

Andrew Reiffenberger Social Media Tips

Have a carefully planned social media strategy. LinkedIn is critical for most people’s job search. I have put a lot of time into my LinkedIn. Please connect with me and we can share networks and also I would be happy to answer your questions. You want to build a network of people you can get real value from and can provide real value in return. Build and demonstrate your expertise by posting original writings and make sure you have a professional picture and carefully proofread descriptions. Add links to other social media like Twitter. And on your Twitter, post content of similar types. If you want to post content you know a prospective boss would not like, then start a new account and have that type of fun on that account.

Author, Andrew Reiffenberger resides in Minnesota.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrew Reiffenberger and you can also connect with him on Linkedin.

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Don’t quote me, quote…

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. -Theodore Roosevelt

“No matter how great the setback, how severe the failure, never give up.” – John Cena

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”​- Dan Millman

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