Reach Top Talent BEFORE They Start Job Hunting

How The Pros Reach the Top Talent Before They Start Looking

For many businesses, the key to successful recruiting is finding the top talent before someone else snaps them up. Recruiters are no longer like sharks, silently navigating through firms and stealing top recruits. Now, recruiters help employers find candidates through networking and relationship building as top talent not only wants good jobs, but to feel comfortable at work. Instead of trying to steal candidates, there are better ways to get the top talent before another firm does.

5 Tips to Success

Andrew Reiffenberger's Tips For Reaching Passive Job talent Before They Hit the Market
Andrew Reiffenberger’s Tips For Reaching Passive Job talent Before They Hit the Market

Network: Instead of going in for the kill like a shark, it is better to fit in with the school of fish. By networking, you build relationships, which is what today’s top talent is look for in a workplace. Talented employees know they will be paid for their efforts, but they want to build friendships and feel like they are appreciated. Networking can help you find talent and help the talent find you.


Build credibility: As a recruiter, it is important that you represent the firm truthfully. If a talented employee finds out that you did not, you and the firm will lose credibility. This will impact the types of candidates you will have access to in the future.


Ask for referrals and offer referrals: This is where relationship-building helps you and the recruits. I have found plenty of top candidates by asking employees, friends, and even competitors. People feel appreciated when help is asked of them. Not only have I asked for referrals, but I have sent candidates elsewhere because I know that other firms will be better fits.


Know what to talk about: This is part of building credibility. You should know about your firm’s projects, accounts, and technologies. Top talent will expect this of you. When you can talk about what your firm does, you can then ask questions of the recruits and listen closely to their answers. This builds relationships and lets you both see if you will be a good fit for each other.


Don’t push: Because choosing a job is a big decisions, many candidates need time to think. If you push too hard, the candidate could become overwhelmed and go elsewhere. Pay attention to body language so you do not become overly aggressive in your desire to hire.

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